Day 99: Les Arras

It had been snowing again during the night and continued to snow during the day. As a result when we went out there was about 5 cm over everything. I actually found it ok to ski through today. I think the routes had been newly pisted, and the new snow was quite easy to glide though.

it ain't half snowy gov

it ain’t half snowy gov

Today we went off down a new route – Les Arras. It’s a piste that follows the forrest track nearly up to the Bois de Noir. In fact I’ve walked this route several times before. I knew it to be a steep ascent, although the footpath you walk up cuts off the loops which you ascend when you ski.


Having said that, up until the point at which it ascended into the forrest, there was a lot of downhill. So much that I started to become conscious of just how much I would have to ski up later.

The ascent into the woods was pretty difficult, and involved a lot of stopping. I’m not yet good or fit enough that I can blast up an ascent like that, more’s the pity. I was working on a new technique today, suggested by GM, which is to use my poles alternately on each side while climbing, pushing the opposite ski with what ever pole is down (right pushes left, left pushes right). It’s a useful technique for climbing and I got on quite well with it.


We got to the top, and to the turning point where the track follows down to plampinet. We decided not to do Plampinet today, I wasn’t sure why (I would be sure when I came back the next day).

The way back was, as suspected, long and uphill. It was alright though. I fell over a couple of times I think, but at least the deeper snow was nice and soft :)


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