Day 98: Boxing Day

As is traditional for us brits, we went for a walk on Boxing day. Well, actually, we went for a ski. Ski de fond is now becoming quite a regular fixture in my daily routine it has to be said.

We went round Les Combes today, a long red piste that starts directly beside the house and follows a large field above it along the length of the commune. I had seen people attempt it the other day and fall over owing to the number of people walking on it during the festival so had not been tempted to try it then. I did so now.


The first ascent of the piste is really long and a real flog. I stopped a lot to catch my breath, as did BF. Even GM, who is quite a fit man for his age, was out of breath at the top of the climb. It was worth it though – the piste has a really nice skating swoop to it, with lots of nice easy descents.


There were quite a few newbies out on the piste today and we saw some reasonably hilarious falls. Going downhill on skinny skies is not the cakewalk that alpine skis allow you. It’s scary and unnerving to go down the smallest of bumps, and unless you relax, take your time, keep a good snow plow and body position then you’re going down (unless of course you’re really good, when you don’t have to do all those things).


Anyhoo, we got round it in 40 mins or so. At the end GM headed off for a bit more round the Clapiere and BF wanted to go home. I felt I needed a bit more so I went round the clapiere again. This time it was much easier and I got round quite quickly. Something can be said of how much easier it is if you warm up first.


In passing, GM pointed out a very odd structure on the side of the piste. Apparently it cost €6,000 and is a dry toilet. I have no idea how to use it.

weirdest toilet I have ever seen...

weirdest toilet I have ever seen…


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