Day 95: Ski de fond Festival

Today I didn’t feel up to much – I was still recovering from the previous week really and we were all a little pooped. Outside our house though was the yearly Ski de Fond festival.

Dashing through the snow....

Dashing through the snow….

This is designed to get more people into Nevache and interested in local sports, and it’s quite jolly. Right outside the chalet were a big pack of huskies pulling children along in a sled. In fact when we came out I had the dubious pleasure of seeing two of them fighting in the snow. In the rest of the area under the ski lifts there were food vendors, ski people, ESF instructors, a little ski de fond obstacle course and laser-based shooting range to simulate the rifle part of olympic cross-country sport.

The ski de fond festival

The ski de fond festival

I wasn’t too interested in it though to be honest. I enjoy the skiing most, and I wasn’t in the mood to socialise. GM was involved in the organisation and helped out at the fête, but me and BF decided to take off for a short Ski de Fond instead.



Nothing special today – we had a turn around the clapiere and the meadow at the bottom. The clapiere was pretty rutted with the load of people walking on it to the fête. It was pretty jolly to see so many people around.


On the way back our way went past the now slumbering pack of huskies. These are pretty big dogs and while they looked nice, I was a bit wary of them, having been barked at by them before when passing their cage down in the forrest.

Doggy Woggies

Doggy Woggies


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