Day 108: Liaison

As I had missed skiing down the valley the other day, I had another chance to ski the liaison between Plampinet and Val des Pres today. Me and BF set off down Les Arras to plampinet and GM met us there to join us down the liaison.


It was suprsingly bare, considering the reports Les Grumblies had given a couple of days ago – there was mud and stones sticking out of the tracks, and the snow was very variable, being soft and sticky in the sunlight and then hard and smooth in the shade, which through me off quite a lot.


I had kind of wanted to consolidate the gliding technique I had worked on yesterday but htere was not much chance of that down this track. It was very nice though through the trees.

There were a lot of Italians on the track as well, some of which were not great skiers. I managed to not fall over as well which was good. Taking people over on a piste is a bit awkward. First getting their attention and then trying to sidestep their pride as well as their skis is always a bit of a chore!


We stopped at the point where normally you would go off to Val Des Pres. We weren’t doing that today as the car was up at Plampinet, unfortunately (I kept on thinking of the nice flat loop down at the bottom of the valley). After les grumblies had had a quick bite to eat we head off again. There had been a substantial amount of down, so I expected it to be a bit of a flog.


Instead though I got my motor on, and burned both BF and GM off for most of the trip. I don’t think they saw my trails for dust and it felt great. I was pretty out of breath when I fetched up before the home stretch up to plampinet and let them catch up. I was myself pretty beaten by then. My technique has definitely improved but my fitness has some way to go yet.


The last hill on the way up finished me off in fact and I was glad to stop when I did. Still, the 16km we skied seemed to go surprisingly easily. Also note I haven’t fallen over in a while!

On the way up we saw an odd sight – a skier tied to his big golden retriever. I thought it was a bit of a cheaty way to do it really…


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