Day 102: Les Clots

After my mammoth ski yesterday I wasn’t sure that I was up to much today, but I head out anyway, as is now my custom. Les grumblies had decided to head up La Forrestiere, a 12km black piste that passed through the route of the Bois de Noir (which I had walked before). Although I’d like to do this piste at some point I didn’t really feel like another long ski today.


Instead I went out on own and had a nice skate along the meadow, I think partly to solidify what I had managed to do yesterday. I also went along the source to the bottom of the Planchettes and started up it.

The Forestiere branches off from the Planchettes as it reaches its peak, and another, shorter, black piste called Les Clots branches off at this point as well. As I approached it I thought “why not?” and skied on up.

let's do it.

let’s do it.

It was actually a surprisingly easy ascent up to the peak – just a little bit tiring. At the top there were some alarming signs saying “!” and “Warning: Descent” and yes, a long, steep descent. it looks like the really good skiers tend to just launch off the top.

It was a fun descent though with a couple of humps and some swoopy loops. It descended down to the village and across a road, giving it a very postman-pat, skiiers-swooping-through-local-village feel to it. It was great fun. On the way back though I turned a corner and was suddenly confronted with a MASSIVE wall of snow – an extremely steep ascent. It was nicely pisted and I made my way up just fine using the alternative poling technique I had learned the other day. It was scary though.

that high huh?

that high huh?

When I got to the top I looked down to see a wiry, skinny man twice my age practically run up it. Maybe it takes that long to be able todo that. Who knows.

biig avalanche on the opposite slope

biig avalanche on the opposite slope

The descent from that hill was fun, although I was immediately confronted by *yet another* wall of snow. By now the skinny old man had disappeared into the distance. Again I made it up no problem though.

After that it was all plain skiing and I head home over the clapiere feeling proud of myself.


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