Day 101: Looong ski

My ribs didn’t feel tooo bad from my fall yesterday. I felt like I had probably got away with it, so I went for a long ski de fond today. The complete route I did was:

Les Combes -> Clapiere -> Meadow -> La Source -> Les Planchettes -> Clapiere -> Home.

I didn’t really have an agenda for today. I just started on Les Combes and carried on as I saw fit. It was a nice ski. When I got down to the meadow at the bottom (a nice loop around the flat valley bottom) I surprised myself by being able to ski the whole thing without stopping. Although this doesn’t sound much, it’ a bit of a milestone for me in terms of technique and fitness. In fact a lot of this may not sound impressive to fit people, but I am,in fact, not yet that sporty.

La Source is a blue piste that branches from the meadow and just has a couple of stiff hills in it. I used to have real trouble with it but it seemed easier today. Likewise Les Planchettes was easier. I think I’ve definitely been gaining some fitness and technique recently.

By the time I got back to the Clapiere for the second time though I was completely knackered. I had been skiing for about 2 hours and had done around 12 km by then so it’s understandable. I edged my way up it and managed to get back after a considerable number of stops.

Very proud of my achievement today though. I feel I’m starting to become more competent, I think.


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