Day 100: 100 Days!

Hurrah! I’ve reached one hundred days into my exercise regime. I’ve not been totally good all the way through, but I feel I’ve kept it up at least as best as I can. More can and will be done I think. I’ve had most trouble keeping up this blog while I’ve been busy with other things. I think if you have a week of craziness in which you don’t have time to update, then the whole thing just piles up and you have to spend ages updating it, which is what I am doing right now, 2 weeks after this day happened!


Today I was keen to try the Arras again. I felt we had copped out a bit not going all the way down to Plampinet, and I was interested in doing the piste a)alone and b)now that it had been pisted properly and didn’t have a 5cm layer of snow.


On the way, over the clapiere, there was a number of snow drifts and a lot of wind pushing the snow about. It put me in mind of a Kate Bush music video. It was very atmospheric and beautiful.


I got to the Arras. It helps when you know the piste and, it being nicely pisted, I stormed up it a fair bit. It was a nice day and I headed on down past where we had left off yesterday. The descent down into plampinet was… interesting. It was a nice swoopy piste, but it was icy.


I was working quite a lot on my technique today, specifically trying to make myself more comfortable on the downhill, and as a result of that I had my first fall of the day on the way down a particularly icy pitch. There are two kinds of fall when skiing – fast ones where you’re on your back before you know it, and slow ones where you have to, over some considerable time, face the inevitable fact that you are not going to recover from that caught edge. This was one of those times. Luckily I had some time to choose exactly how I was going to fall, and as my feet skidded out ahead of me I stretched my arm and body out so that I landed sideways, like I was relaxing on a nice chaise longue.


I felt lucky that I did not hurt my ribs more, which had just began to get better (I had bruised my right rib cage a week or so ago) and carried on.

The field on the way down to plampinet was surprisingly scary, largely because I couldn’t see and awful lot, just a lot of white with the occasional pole delineating the piste. The corduroy was just visable on the surface. I kept a tight snowplow down there and didn’t feel that in secure on my skis.


I made it though, and perched my skis and poles, whom I have christened the Lord and Lady Skatesalot and the Pole Plant Twins, by the Plampinet sign, a la Sir Bikesalot (who, by the way, I miss quite a lot and occasionally see sadly forlorn in the cellar of our house).

The way back from Plampinet was an absolute flog of the highest order. The field is steep and seemingly endless. Unhelpfully, I kept on being overtaken by very skinny people who are much better than me at this.

During a short descent through the trees on the way up, I fell for the second time. This time I had no control over the fall. One ski tripped up over the other one and I fell sidewards awkwardly and, ironically, bruised my left ribs in exactly the same way I had bruised my right. For the next couple of days it looked like I would get away with it, but later it would hurt like hell.

I made it up the rest of the way to Nevache with no further incident – I was knackered by the end!


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