Day 83: Son Eminence Graisse as retourné!

So we’re back! And I’m re-installed in my room in the chalet. There was quite a lot to do today to get things straightened out on our return. My brother, Mr McHuge’nDong’nThong (or something, can’t remember his full name. Ah siblings) and his new girlfriend (oooh! McHuge’nDong’nThong’s got a girlfriend! Woo-oo- McHuge’nDong’nThong and MissTeacher up a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G. Urrggh he kissed a girl! that’s yucky!), whom I shall, and already have called MissTeacher (no prizes for guessing her occupation).

So I’ve had to completely move my office out and into my room, and that took some time in the morning. I also, kinda, may have bought Skyrim on a (Sky)whim, and the ski du fond piste didn’t look too open. Those are my excuses anyway. By the time it came to afternoon I didn’t really want to do anything else so I spent most of the afternoon just chilling out.

Back on the horse tomorrow!


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