Day 68: Work day and Constitutional

Today I head up to the university. It was fortuitous that I had met up with my singing teacher, whom I shall call The Shepherdess, because I was in dire need of a lesson. We organised to meet up late in the day and in the meanwhile I would do some score editing in the postgrad room.

The walk to the university from the guesthouse is about 2-3 miles. Not inconsiderable and it does take me 45mins to an hour so I’m hoping that this will count as a constitutional. It is, as you may have surmised, quite difficult to keep up the regime while visiting, particularly in York. I’m trying to get round this by walking wherever I can instead of taking public transport. In York that amounts to a good hour of exercise most days.

I’m hoping that’s enough. However I’m very aware that I’m over-indulging a bit too, if only because of all the coffee and cake with friends. Oh Well.


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