Day 10: Into The Black Forrest!


Today the weather wasn’t looking great so I decided if I was going to anything it would be another hike. It was raining in the morning so I sat it out, doing a load of revisions and citations in my PhD commentary to pass the time.

ooooh dramatic mist

After lunch it was looking better so I decided to make a break for it. I had espied on the map another high path along the valley on the opposite side to the path I had taken the other day. It looked exciting, I had already walked part of the way on my Constitutional the other day and I remember seeing the turning and thinking it would be cool to go up there.

oooh dramatic river

The turning away from the forrest path I had taken the other day

I worked out on the map that it would be a good 2 hours walk, but there was also an exciting fork which would take me up to the summit of one of the mountains. I definitely would have taken this today – the path comes down into Nevache and would have been a fantastic walk. I was certainly up for it physically.

The walk ended up being really nice. The valley was overcast in the only way a valley can be at this altitude – whispy, mysterious fogs dripping off the bleak landscape. I was in a great mood for walking and the climb, while bringing me out in a sweat, wasn’t too challenging.

The name of the route was “Le Bois Noir” (The Black Wood) which entertained me, particularly as the moody, dramatic weather made it all very Tolkien. The woods are mainly pine (or similar) and I could glimpse the valley below me through the trees.

oooh dramatic. Where’s the big bad wolf today?

At one point I noticed a huge dry river bed running through the valley that I hadn’t seen before. This really is an odd place!

Big dry river bed carving its way through the valley

I was about 200m from the fork that would have taken me up to the summit when the skies opened up. I quickly got completely soaked and it began to dawn on me that my nice wind-proof jacket wasn’t actually that waterproof. Fearing for my iPhone, I arranged to be picked up by ma mére when I got to the road, which would otherwise have been a 15 minute walk from home.

Round about this point it started pissing it down.

Altogether though a great walk :)

Don’t take the stats too seriously – I must declare the last 9km on the map to be a car ride (I was too scared to take my iPhone out for fear of getting it wetter than it already was. I also took a 5 minute shower when I got back before I remembered to stop the Cyclemeter app.

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